Treacherous Seas

Treacherous Seas is a hobby project of mine where I want to create a strategic board game with some intelligent game mechanics. I want to combine to social feeling of playing a board game with the possibilities of online play and human-computer interaction. The theme for the game is set on pirates and the Caribbean naval wars during that time. In the game, each player will have to be the captain of their own ship by choosing the next moves the ship will make, when to fire the cannons and giving commands to your crew. Only a true captain will be able to keep control of his ship, sink the others and become the ruler of these treacherous seas.

Following below is a photo of an early prototype for this game. The game is currently in it’s 15th prototype iteration.


Disclaimer: The current project is not finished yet. Therefore more information about the project can not be published here just yet, but feel free to contact me if you want to know more about it.