RadioActive is my master thesis project for my Master degree in Audiovisual Arts – Communication and Media Design at the Media Arts & Design Faculty in Genk, Belgium. My promotors for this thesis were Sandy Claes and Jessica Schoffelen.





Radio does not limit itself to music, but also brings relaxation, information and distraction. However, the choice of music is not fully approved by all listeners. For example the “StubBeu”-Facebook page that complains about the choice of music on their favorite radio broadcaster Studio Brussel.



In the present information age, we expect everything to be tailored to our own needs. Radio on the other hand is one of the oldest media and does not allow an active choice for each listener. The fact that they can’t choose is also perceived as a big strength of radio because there is a feeling of serendipity, togetherness, companionship and background ambient.

The master thesis I conducted investigates how personalization and radio could blend. It keeps the balance between the qualities of radio and the possibilities of personalized music.

Based on interviews with experts, research through design methods and usertesting, a prototype named RadioActive was born.


RadioActive analyzes the current radiostream and the songs listed in that stream. It then alters certain songs so the overall song collection matches the desired listening pattern of the user.

Radioactive gives listeners the opportunity to make a collection of music genres they want to hear and how much each music genre can be represented in the sample. It’s a first attempt towards a more personal and richer radio experience.



The video below shows how Radioactive works in more detail.


Everything in this project is self-made. All research, interviews, ideation, interface design, coding of the several prototypes, motion graphics, … were conducted in a period of three months.