Radio Niva

This project is about telling the story of the art project Niva to Nenets project by Rosanne Van Klaveren. Rosanne is a Belgian artist who wanted to drive her Lada Niva from Belgium towards the Nenets in the northwest of Russia. During this roadtrip she has discussed decolonisation processes and the paradoxes of bringing help, because she wanted to give her car away to the indigenous Nenets.


Radio Niva is my interpretation of telling this story. To me, the first thing that comes to mind when someone says “roadtrip” is a good old fashioned roadtrip-playlist. Starting from that idea, I wanted to place special radio’s in cities where the Lada Niva would pass. Rosanne would be able to give updates of the roadtrip, her discussion with her passengers and her comments on the local culture and broadcast it straight from the car to the special Radio Niva receivers.

These special Radio Niva radios would be placed in musea in the cities where she would pass through. Visitors of that museum would be able to discover Rosanne’s content through the radio and ask questions to her. These questions would then be read out loud in the car itself.








The Radio’s are fully self-made and consist out of an Arduino for the tangible interface and an iPad for the screen and connection with the car. The interface was built in Adobe Air.





Watch the campaign video for this project below.