Providence is a VRT Research & Innovation project that tries to predict the impact of online articles and digital entertainment, and especially how online newsrooms can be optimized for the publication of social media. The project exists out of 2 tracks: a research track with a consortium and a spin-off proof of concept about social media tracking.

The official research track is an iMinds MiX ICON project funded by IWT. Our partners were Newsmonkey, Massive Media Match, iMinds VUB SMIT and iMinds UGent IBCN. More information about this track can be found in the following video.



In detail, the consortium researched some valuable insights towards the sharing behavior of people, created cutting-edge prediction algorithms and a dashboard an editor-in-chief can use in everyday life.


In Providence, my function was the overall consortium lead and delegate for VRT. I helped set up the campaign for the user surveys, created an online social media experiment where I tracked the behavior of users of DeRedactie and, did some project management, integrated a monitoring script into the website and designed the final dashboard.



Next to the official track, a spinoff track called ‘Heartbeat’ was created to focus more on the mapping of what is happening on social network sites. What articles of DeRedactie and other news competitors are being shared in Flanders right now? For this track I worked closely with the VRT DeRedactie team and the data visualization agency Bits of Love.