Towards a data-driven workflow & meaningful personalized services.

Utilizing data to better match the services of VRT to the needs, context and situation of viewers and listeners. With the Habit:at-project, the VRT researches how it can better meet the media needs of Flanders. By working data-driven, we are able to offer a user or group of users customized media. In addition, not only does Habit:at take in account the needs of the user, but also the context. For example, it is not only important to know that a specific user watches Het Journaal (the news) every day, but we would also like to know that earlier today, she had been watching some news items on and was listening to the radio news in the car. When she comes home, she would only like to see new items. We are also able to gather that some news users would like to watch an in-depth interview about something they heard earlier.
Based on all this data, we can offer the user specific suggestions. To accomplish this, we research – without harming their privacy – how to collect, store and process information. We test our ideas in the VRT Nu player and the news office.

I am responsible for the creative strategy and for the visual design of this data-minded researchproject.

Disclaimer: The current project is not finished yet. Therefore more information about the project can not be published here just yet, but feel free to contact me if you want to know more about it.