Festivalitis is a spinoff project from a larger VRT Research & Innovation project called ‘ICoSOLE’. Icosole investigates how events could be told more immersive to the people at home, focusing on technologies like 3D surround audio, 360-degree cameras, holograms and user-generated content. Festivalitis was a prototype focusing on the latter: contribution of the crowd in creating rich content during a festival event. By using social media strategy techniques from apps like Snapchat, Vine and Facebook we created a fun way to diffuse videos between festival visitors that we could use in a futuristic online system.


The concept of the festival app works as follows:


In this project I designed the interaction flows and user experience, and developed the logic part of the application. I created the algorithm that selects potential candidates, made an event mapmaker that sliced up an area based on geographic coordinates into tiles and created dynamic profiles by calculating the ratio of users of the app. Furthermore I set up the data architecture and the responding Firebase-database.