10 May 2015

Eye candy

Media Fast Forward 2014 intro

Media Fast Forward is the annual conference of VRT Research & Innovation. For the 2014 edition, I created an introduction video with the line-up of the conference. The used images are old photos from the VRT archives. In Adobe Photoshop, I masked each photo, retouched them and added depth and animation to them in Adobe After Effects.


Showreel 2013

This showreel shows a bunch of projects that I realized as a student. It sums up my capabilities as a researcher, strategist, UX-designer, motion artist and a developer. I hope this video gives you some idea of what I can do. Enjoy! Soundtrack: Entertainment – Phoenix


WOOPI teaser

I created a teaser for the iMinds Mix WOOPI-project proposal. WOOPI is a research project about personalized physical toys that can interact with a digital world. I’m currently also working on this project, so you can expect an update soon.


Shaun of the Dead

This is an online game I created based on the movie Shaun of the Dead. In the game you have to make it to the pub to complete te game. Getting there, means smacking down the zombies who want to eat your brains. I created 4 different levels, based on the scenes of the movie, gave Shaun a weapon arsenal of 4 weapons (cricket bat, a pool cue, throwing LP’s and a shotgun) and 3 types of enemies to fight. The game was made in Adobe Air with the help of Adobe Flash.


World of the Gnomes

In this project I created a 3D environment in Autodesk 3DS Max. All elements used in the composition below were self-made.

World of the Gnomes poster