About Me



I’m a 26 years old creative individual with a broad background in interaction design, design research and concept realization. I help to make an idea become reality from user insights to validated proof of concepts and all iterations in between.

I work according to Human Centered Design methods and make sure my prototypes contribute to a bigger whole or new insight. My variety of skills help me with this because it does not limit me to just one concept strategy. These skills can be summed up to a combination of the following functions:


Interaction designer
As an interaction and interface designer, I’m continuously going for perfection. I admire a pretty design in combination with a user friendly experience that matches the target audience. This is always my goal in every project as well.

Coder / hacker
As a coder I build smart and quick prototypes that can be tested instantly. Hereby I make use of the newest tools, platforms, frameworks and API’s.

Digital creative
I’m a real digital native who wants to contribute to the world of today and tomorrow. I invent innovative and creative concepts of which I can’t wait to become reality.

Audiovisual artist
I’m constantly looking for new and creative ways of telling a story. For this, I use a wide range of storytelling techniques to communicate a concept to the stakeholders.


Especially the combination between the above functions make me who I am. Because of this, I have insights in various aspects of a project and am I able to lead, invent and realize those projects.